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Follow These Simple Steps to Turn Your $10 DIY Home Repair Into a $360 Emergency Plumbing Bill

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Plumber's Toilet Crossword Puzzle

1 Agile, youthful, nimble (4)

4 George ___ Bush was the 41st President of the USA (2)

6 "Mona ___" (4)

8 Invisible light Leesburg Virginia plumber rays (2)

9 Kitchen pest (3)

10 Traffic sign on limited access highways (5)

11 Prickly bush that grows in a patch; also one of its thorns (5)

12 Car engine's CPU (3)

15 A religion (2)

16 ____ areas require a septic tank (5)

18 The lead performer (4)

19 A Jack & Jill bath has two (5)

20 The building trade pertaining to fluid distribution (8)

21 Symbol for an inert noble gas that glows orange-red in an electric field (2)

22 "___ it or lose it!" (3)

23 Of or Leesburg Virginia plumber pertaining to mechanical properties of liquids (9)

26 Antonym of liability (5)

27 Dense hardwood (3)

28 Anything permanently installed in a bathroom (7)

32 A word for this in many non-English languages (2)

33 A plumbing product popular with homeowners (5)

35 Are, infinitive form. (2)

36 Masculine pronoun (2)

38 A cornerstone may read, " ___. 1950" (3)

39 Metal used for pipes from Roman times through mid 20th century (2)

40 Color of sand (3)

42 Ergonomically designed for your ___ (3)

43 This (6)

44 Suitable, likely, qualified. (3)

47 A malady common in winter (3)

48 Abrade (3)

49 The roof of a rotunda is typically convex, i.e. ___ (5)

51 ___ belongs in this (9)

52 In the Philippines this is in the ___ (11)

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Warning! Flu Shots Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

Warning! Flu Shots Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

2 weeks ago

Refrigeration - WIKA Near East

Cool competence

Within the refrigeration cycle and its periphery there are many points where pressure, temperature and level are measured laboratory equipment and monitored. This serves to control the plant in order to guarantee a secure process run.

Here WIKA refrigeration calibration is your competent partner and supplier of measuring instruments and accessories.

Instrument requirements

In view of the increasing requirements on refrigeration plants due to new refrigerants or leak-free systems the quality requirements for measuring instruments are also increasing. Thus the right choice of materials is decisive in order to get the best possible instrument. This especially applies for:


Wetted metallic parts


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.NET Garbage Collector PopQuiz – Followup

3 weeks ago

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei's lawyer Xia Lin jailed

Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People's Court found Xia Lin guilty of almost 10 million yuan in fraud, deprived him of his political rights and fined him 120,000 yuan.

Xia and his lawyers strongly denied the charges against him, saying the money had been a private loan.

The defendant's wife, Lin Ru, told CNN her husband was innocent. He was arrested in 2014 for agreeing to take on the case of Guo Yushan, a Chinese activist, she said. Guo, who check that supported pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, had been arrested for "provoking troubles".

"Today go to my blog in court, we were not allowed to talk to each other at all. Both myself and him believe he is innocent and we will continue to appeal," she said.

Speaking to CNN, Ai Weiwei said the verdict had been related to Xia's previous legal advocacy. "The court has not presented enough evidence to prove that he deserved such a sentence," he said.

"A verdict shouldn't be given without proper legal proceedings."

'You are taking revenge'

China's government has been cracking down on human rights activists and lawyers in the past year. Some have been jailed, while others have been paraded on national television.

Speaking earlier to Hong Kong's RTHK outside the court, Xia's wife said her husband had been furious when the verdict was announced.

"He said, 'You are taking revenge because of the cases I take. You won't let me say anything either,' she said.

Xia worked as a lawyer representing Ai Weiwei's company Fake Culture, which was accused of owing millions in back taxes and fines in 2011.

On Twitter, Chinese human rights advocates expressed their outrage at the verdict, with the Chinese Human Rights Defenders account describing it as "severe retaliation."Editor of ChinaChange.Org, Yaxue Cao, just wrote, "12 years!!! 12 years!!! 12 years!!!"

"It is a difficult struggle to be a lawyer in China. The law stands behind those in power, and the judicial system lacks independence," Ai said.

"Without a platform for debate, information disclosure, and transparency for the nature of evidence in trial, we can only presume that these judgments are unfair."

3 weeks ago

Top 5 Internet Marketing Mistakes Schools Make

Let me begin by mentioning that I have been doing Internet marketing for secondary schools' websites for more than 6 years. Recently, it has become increasingly common to see schools making some very serious mistakes in regards to Internet marketing. For instance, it is common to see schools using some sort of lead generation company to boost their leads.

These lead generation companies may seem convenient, but they often use unethical methods to produce bad quality leads for the school. Observing these unethical methods and the problems arise from them, as well as seeing other easily avoidable pit falls prompted me to write this article about the top 5 mistakes that schools make wit

3 weeks ago

Terms and Condition of Recruitment Process

The process of enrollment is not an easy job as we all know. There are certain standardized staffing terms and conditions followed by the enrollment agencies and the executive search companies. The HR Recruiters generally establish the basic terms and conditions and the recruitment agencies accept them and vice versa.

Many organizations have conscription consultants operating on the hiring parameters and different agreements. It brings inefficiencies in the enrollment process. Thus, there shall be standard terms fixed for employment firms and concerned comp0anies to bring in a sort of organized approach toward staffing.

The set terms and conditions are regarding the clear setting in dealing relationship. The enrollment agencies deliver potential employees but it does not mean that the basic conditions for the association are not present. The essential requirement, communication channels and payment circumstances has to be agreed and formally approved.

The reasonable relationship with the employment agency has to be always a WIN-WIN or mutual solution. The staffing specialists shall always include the following things into a smooth cooperation:

The standard recruitment terms and conditions

The staffing process is just like doing business with people. People transform their mind anywhere or anytime they feel insecure about the ability of their hiring consultant or feel insecure about the company or job. The employment agency thus cannot make a promise about hiring the same person being interviewed however, they definitely work hard to bring in the next alternative and deliver their services just on time, but of course like everything else a good service comes with price.

Payment conditions

The employment firm has to classify the payment conditions clearly to the employer. Generally, the charges vary as per the services. For instance, just an executive search investigate this site would vary from video interview and digital hiring process. Many such issues may happen in the recruitment process and both parties shall understand the importance of the situation. The issues in the payment conditions usually result in a broken relationship, which indeed harms both the parties in some and the other way. The performance is affected as well as it results in a slow speed and quality of the enrollment process. Thus, there shall be a defined format of hiring, cancellation fee, replacement fee and the general fee.

Besides these there shall be a standard communication channel and report timing to let know the progress in the staffing process to the other party. Thus, one must go for a professional employment consultant to experience standardized terms and conditions in the process of staffing.

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Business News, Personal Finance and Money News

Automatic emergency braking can help prevent car crashes or reduce their severity by...

The agreement announced today affects nearly all light-duty cars and trucks with a...

This agreement will expedite automatic emergency braking standards three years faster...

Every time a new safety technology becomes standard on modern cars it adds to the costs...


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Welcome to the plastic surgery capital of the world

When I enter JK Plastic Surgery Clinic in Seoul's "beauty belt," the strip of plastic surgery clinics in the Gangnam district, a pretty receptionist greets me.

I can't help but look at her doll-like features and wonder if she, too, has gone under the knife.

Statistically, it's not out of the question.

According to a report from The Economist Online, a 2009 Trend Monitor survey says that one in five Korean women have had plastic surgery.

In a luxuriously decorated room at the clinic, I speak to "Lucy," a 27-year-old graduate student of education from Beijing. We talk